Secure Volatile Fuel Prices

Global Risk Management, a leading provider of customised hedging solutions for the management of price risk on fuel expenses

Events around the world – financial, geopolitical or fundamental factors all affect fuel prices. By combining in-depth knowledge of the oil market, finance and transport, Global Risk Management help their clients protect their margins from the risk posed by volatile fuel prices. The company do this by identifying and balancing all the unique variables involved in fuel risk management, by providing a risk management strategy tailored specifically to their client’s financial objectives.

One of the services they offer that facilitates this is; insights about the current market situation.

This includes Oil Inventory Reports, Daily Market Briefings, Weekly Oil Inventories, charts & analyses and much more.

These reports offer their unique take on recent events in the oil market and give opinions on the direction the market is likely to take. Furthermore, they provide a detailed oil price forecast for the main fuel products.

All this is handled by an Oil Risk Manager. The backbone of the company in many ways. They directly help their clients manage their fuel risks more efficiently and help them to reach their business and financial goals.

With a structured plan and clear goals in mind, hedging against fuel price risk can have a significantly positive effect on your business.

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